It’s been a challenging year for everyone. We started this journey in late 2019 thinking about our next venture in the food service industry. After having great success with our OffBeat Eatz operations and along with a limited operation with our Bowled Up food truck. We decided a venture in an community outside of the hustle and bustle of Houston proper, would be our preference. A place where we would interact more with the community.

We decided on a location in Richmond, on the East side of Pecan Grove. Still not quite sure about how life in the community would be, we ventured around and toured the restaurants to get our own experiences. We wanted a concept where it’s great food from our families, without the fast pace, so a meal and companionship was the focus.

When early 2020 started, it was very unpredictable. We decided to put things on hold until we had a better understanding of the pandemic and how the public would treat a new business. After a few months, we had additional discussions with the landlord and made some plans.

Today, we’re reflecting back on a year of serving the Richmond area and finally realized that we may not be successful. Behind Mr. Gator are Gerald and Victor, along with Bobby, hopefully, we’ve managed to meet most of our customers, made a tough choice to close down. It’s been 18 months of challenges, trying to make good predictions, and in the end, just too much to continue and have a good quality of life. Our last day of service was Sunday, August 29, 2021. We’ve had an emotional day with our staff on Monday as we say goodbye and hello to new journeys ahead.

We’re not totally giving up. We’ll focus our energy back on our food truck operations, getting our lives back into order, and taking time to slow down a bit.

We’re sad to geaux, though we’re great to have had the experience and meet great people in the Richmond area. Who knows where Mr. Gator will end up. See you later alligator!

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7 Comments on “We’re Sad to Geaux”

  1. Iā€™m so sorry to see you geaux! Iā€™m wishing you the best in your next venture. Thank you.

  2. So sad to see yall go, šŸ˜¢ ! Wishing you much success in your new adventures with lots of shared love, joy and laughter along the way! May God Bless and protect each of you along the way on your new adventure an success!
    Melissa Hasselmeier

  3. Sorry to see you go. The couple of times we have gone we enjoyed the experience. šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢

  4. Well this is sad news! I am sorry to see you go but I hope you stay in the area so we can see you again.

    Lisa & Larry Staha

  5. I’m so sorry this didn’t work out, of course 19 months of COVID it’s a miracle you lasted this long. I wonder about that location, if it’s just destined to not work out as a restaurant. I can count 5 maybe 6 times it has opened, we try it out and it just doesn’t make it. I don’t think there is anything different you could have done. Best wishes for your food truck and next endeavor.

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